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Licensed Attorneys and paralegals are available to help you with your personal civil legal issues. All of our services are free.



The Legal Assistance Office is open and currently operating under the following conditions:  All  attorney consultations are conducted telephonically.  To request an appointment, please call (703) 805-2856 and leave your name and phone number for a return call from our paralegals for screening and scheduling.  Alternatively you may send your request via email to

Non-deploying estate plans will be drafted and reviewed with clients, but will be executed onsite once we resume normal operations.

Soldiers who are scheduled for deployment will be provided on-site services.  Please be sure to indicate your deployment status when you call our office for assistance.


Effective Tuesday, 7 July 2020, the Legal Assistance Office will resume no-appointment notary and power of attorney services subject to the following restrictions:

1. Service will be provided to active duty clients and family members only, between the hours of 0900 - 1030 and 1300-1430 on Mondays through Thursdays, as long as they are duty days.  On Fridays, services will be provided from 0900-1030.

2. Clients must wear face masks at all times when conducting business with legal assistance.

3. Clients must bring their own pens.

4. Clients will line-up outside the main door on the wheel chair ramp, and wait to be admitted into the building.

5. Clients will be served in line-up order.

6. While waiting, clients must maintain minimum of 6 feet distance from other parties.

7. Only one client will be admitted at a time and only by direction of the legal assistance team.

8. No third parties (friends / children / guests) will be admitted into the building or waiting area (clients only).

9. Once admitted to the building, clients must follow the instructions of the legal assistance team.

10. No real estate closings will be notarized during this time


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Who We Serve:

Active Duty Service members, retirees, and their dependents, as well as Reservists and civilians preparing for deployments.  Our office does not provide advice to Retirees on divorce or family law cases.


9990 Belvoir Drive

Bldg. 257

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


Attorney consultations are from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. by appointment only.

Notary/Power of Attorney Services are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Fridays (no appointments needed).  Home Closing Documents do require an appointment to be made.

Closed Holidays and Weekends

Contact Us:

Phone: 703-805-2856

Fax: 703-805-3263


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