The Fort Belvoir Tax Center will be **CLOSED** the week of 16-20 March. We will reopen Tuesday 24 March.


2020 Tax Season Services will be limited to all active duty service members who are either working or residing on the Fort Belvoir installation, from grades E-1 to O-3 and their family members authorized to receive legal assistance pursuant to 10 U.S.C. §1044a and paragraph 2-5 of Army Regulation (AR) 27-3, are eligible for Tax Center services. At this time, we do not plan to offer services to retirees. DOD ID cards and permanent change of station/post orders will be used to verify eligibility for services. Please monitor our website as well as the Tax Center Facebook page for updates.

Our hours of operation are from 0900 -1500 Tuesdays through Thursdays

Our dates of operation are: 11 Feb 2020 through 15 April 2020.

We are located at the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate in building 257 at 9990 Belvoir Road, Fort Belvoir.

Clients will be seen on a "first-come first-served" basis.

This year, we will only provide services to accommodate eligible clients who meet the following criteria:

W-2 (Wage) Income.

Social Security Income (1099 SSA).

Student Loan Interest (1098 E).

1099 INT or DIV Income (Including 1099 B with 10 or fewer stock or security sales).

Dependent Care Credits.

Education Credits.

Itemized Deductions (state tax, real estate tax, personal property tax, mortgage interest, and charitable contributions).

All clients are required to be screened at our office before their taxes are prepared. The screening ensures that prospective clients are eligible for service, and have all documents necessary for tax preparation. Screening will be conducted on a walk-in basis during normal business hours. Once screening has been completed, clients will be given an appointment for that day, if available. If no same day appointment is available, clients can return to the tax center on any duty day (Tues, Weds or Thurs) for service (as space is available). The number of appointments provided will be based on the number of volunteer preparers who are on site that day.

In order to have your taxes prepared, you need to have the following (PAPER) documents in your possession when you visit our office, (no electronic documents will be accepted): last year’s tax return, all income and deduction related documents. Proof of client’s Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, and any Individual(s) Social Security Number being listed in the tax return. (Social Security Card, copy of Social Security Card, or letter from IRS with the Social Security Number on it). Please see below for a detailed list of required documents. In addition, please complete the below IRS Form 2848 (Power of Attorney) is required if a married couple wishes to file a Married Filing Jointly return, and one spouse will not be present when tax services are performed.

Required Documents:

Required Documents for Tax Preparation 2020

IRS Power of Attorney Form 2848

Fort Belvoir Legal Assistance Office and Tax Center