Welcome to Adelphi Laboratory Center. Our workforce includes more than 1,500 military, civilian and contractor employees. The Army Research Laboratory is the largest tenant organization at Adelphi Laboratory Center, other tenants at Adelphi Laboratory Center include:

·         The Army Reserve Information Operations Command

·         Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office

·         HQ, U.S. Army Contracting Command (Army Contracting Command –APG, Adelphi Contracting Division)

·         U.S Army 93rd Signal Network - Network Enterprise Center

·         Logistics Readiness Center

·         U.S. Army Cyber Operation Group – 335th Signal Cmmand

·         Blossom Point Research Facility

The Adelphi Laboratory Center mission is to provide valuable support services and infrastructure to enable scientific research, development and the well-being of the workforce. Adelphi Laboratory Center is located approximately 25 miles southwest of central Baltimore and 10 milies north of Washington, D.C. and is easily assessible to Interstate 95 (the East Coast’s primary north-south transporation corridor and the Capital Beltway I-495.

The Adelphi Laboratory Center is a sub-installation of Aberdeen Proving Ground, we are a small U.S. Army installation with a population primarily consisting of DoD civilians, a small number of contractors, Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers – totaling approximately 1,500 personnel.