Endow the APG workforce with specialized training, tools, subject matter expertise and due process under the law by ensuring timely service and expert advisory services necessary to eliminate workplace barriers.


To become the premier model EEO Program that will serve as the epicenter for actionable Diversity and Leadership as it relates to the Department of the Army, and IMCOM, the Army’s Home. The APG EEO Office will set that standard by not just processing Title VII discrimination complaints, but also by analyzing and identifying the root causes of workplace conflicts, tracking their trends, briefing leaders on those trends, and providing a detailed action plan that those leaders can follow to achieve a better and more equitable work environment for all employees, not just those in protected classes. Furthermore, the APG EEO Office will provide, upon request and annually, the training, tools and oversight necessary to facilitate that success. The result is a better informed, educated and proactive labor force and leadership team better suited and trained to mitigate human capitol issues in the 21st Century before they occur.

EEO Complaint Process


The Function of our office is to administer and implement APG’s EEO program by managing the following areas:

Compliance and Program Evaluation
Establishes standards and ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. Includes: interpreting and applying laws and regulations, developing policies, collecting data and managing accommodation Issues.

Advisory Services
Advises all levels of management and employees regarding EEO related issues. Including: providing program overview, participating in strategic planning, presenting briefings, and researching special problems.

Complaint Program Management
Processes all EEO complaints of discrimination in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. This consists of all stages of the process including the necessary correspondence and coordination.

Training and Education
Provides proactive, on-going training and education programs regarding EEO and civilian employment issues for the Garrison. This includes EEO for managers/employees, and EEO Counselor training. 

Reasonable Accommodation Program
Direct, monitor and implement the Reasonable Accommodation Program according to the Army guidance.