Preferred Clearing Procedures

Prefered Clearing Procedures: -For both Fort Wainwright and Fort Richardson (JBER)-

  1. Email PCS/ETS orders to :
  2. If you have NOT received an email response with in 3 business days, please call (907) 384-1135 to verify that orders were received. 

Travel Tips and Resources





G8 Travel Management Quarterly Travel Focus

DTS Notices 

DTMO Travel Advisories 

Defense Travel Dispatch (DTMO quarterly newsletter)

DoD Dine Smart Program DoD Dine Smart Program

DTMO link to “How to”

Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS)


List of FAQ's


G8 Travel Management Mission/Values/Vision

Our Mission

 The USARAK Travel Management Team is committed to providing quality oversite of the Defense Travel System (DTS) and Travel Card Program with emphasis on customer-focused support, training, and partnership within our organization to develop and sustain a model travel program.

Our Values

  • CUSTOMER-FOCUSED SERVICE:   Engage with our organizations, focus on listening to and supporting their needs, anticipating and delivering high quality services

  • INTEGRITY:  Conduct ourselves at all times in a manner that is ethical, legal, and professional, with the highest degree of honesty, respect and fairness

  • INNOVATION:  Develop creative solutions and share leading practices that will enhance the value of services provided for our organizations

  • STEWARDSHIP: Serve as trusted stewards of our resources; creating an atmosphere of accountability, credibility, and trust 

Our Vision

Create and maintain the best Travel Management System in the U.S. Army, by empowering USARAK’s leaders with the skills & tools required to increase travel readiness, reduce processing errors, and ensure proper payment to our travelers.