UPDATE 10/30/2020: COVID-19 RSO adjustments to Fort Wainwright services

In crises, people rely even more upon their faith communities and practices to find peace, strength, and encouragement. We must balance this essential need for community with disciplined, deliberate measures to protect one another from any unnecessary risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

The USARAK Commanding General’s Health Protection Condition (HPCON) measures for Army installations in Alaska mitigate risk and maximize spiritual readiness. These measure directly impact our Fort Wainwright chapel congregations. Therefore, the RSO is implementing the following measures for all Fort Wainwright religious services and programs in order to ensure compliance with higher headquarters directives, to maximize protection of our faith community, and to afford our community the ability to worship together in person or by using available technology:

  • Attendance: Attendance for all religious services and programs at all Fort Wainwright chapels will not exceed twenty-five percent capacity of the designated chapel space.
  • Face Masks:  Face masks will be worn by everyone entering the chapel, and kept on at all times.  The only exception to this are chapel leaders speaking and/or singing during the religious service or program, and attendees participating in communion.   
  • Distance: All attendees not part of the same household will maintain six feet distance from one another. 
  • Entering and Exiting:  Attendees must enter through the door/s marked “Enter” and exit through the doors marked “exit.   
  • Seating:  Every other pew/row of seats are blocked off in the chapels.  Attendees will only sit in open pews/seats and maintain 6 feet social distance from non-household members. 

As always, please contact the RSO at 353-6112 with any questions or requests, and monitor our FB page.

Worship Services & Events

Worship Services & Events Schedule

Below are the regularly scheduled services and events sponsored by the FWA RSO. For more detailed information, go to the FWA RSO Facebook page or contact the POC.

Anglican, POC: 361-5002
Anglican Holy Communion, Sunday 1100-1200, Southern Lights Chapel (SLC)
Anglican Holy Communion, Wednesday & Holy Days 1200-1230, BACH Chapel

Catholic, POC: 362-6106
Catholic Sunday Mass, Sunday 0900, SLC
Catholic Children’s Religious Education, Sunday 1015-1130, SLC
Catholic RCIA, Sunday, 1015-1130, SLC
Catholic Women of the Chapel, Wednesday 0930-1130 (September-May), SLC
Adoration, Thursday 1800, SLC

Protestant, POC: 361-4261
General Protestant Worship Service, Sunday 1100, Northern Lights Chapel (NLC)
Cornerstone Kids, Sunday during worship service, NLC
Youth Group (13-17 years), Sunday 1500-1700, NLC
Protestant Women of the Chapel: Wednesday 1800-2000 (August-May), NLC

Spanish Speaking Protestant Worship Service: Sunday 1300, NLC

Event times and places vary, call the chapel for more information.

Contact Information

Chaplain Contact Information

  • Garrison Religious Support Office: 353-6112
  • FWA Community Pastor: 361-4261
  • Religious Support Resource Management: 353-3476
  • Religious Education Director: 353-2702
  • Catholic Parish Coordinator: 361-6106
  • Bassett Army Community Hospital Chaplain: 361-5002
  • 1-25th SBCT Brigade: 353-6100
  • 1-5 IN: 353-2534
  • 1-24 IN: 353-2705
  • 3-21 IN: 353-4610
  • 5-1 CAV: 353-4300
  • 2-8 FA: 353-1506
  • 25th BSB 353-2687
  • 70th BEB: 353-7019
  • 1-25 ARB: 353-2514
  • 1-52 GSAB: 353-3531

The Emergency On-Call Duty Chaplain can be reached during off duty hours (evenings, weekends and holidays) through the Arctic Warrior Operations Center (AWOC) at 353-4180/4184

Fort Greely Chapel

Fort Greely Chapel

845 Big Delta Ave, Fort Greely, AK 99731, 907-873-2476

The Fort Greely Religious Support Office and Counseling Center (RSOCC) resources Pastoral Care for Soldiers, tenants/units, directorates, authorized Civilians, and Family Members at Fort Greely. Our RSOCC staff is a dynamic group of professionals who are committed to supporting the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social growth and development of each person within the entire Fort Greely Community.

General Protestant Service: Sunday 1000-1100
Adult Sunday School: Sunday 0900-1000
Home Group Bible Study: Wednesday 1730-1900
Spanish Bible Study: Thursday 1800-2100


Northern Lights Chapel

Northern Lights Chapel

3430 Luzon Avenue, (907) 353-9825

From the FWA Main Gate (Gaffney Road), turn right on 10th Street. Turn left on to Neely Road. Turn right on to Santiago Avenue. Turn left on Rhineland Avenue. Turn right on Luzon Road. The Northern Lights Chapel (3430 Luzon Ave.) is at the intersection of Rhineland and Luzon Avenues.

Event Schedule
General Protestant Worship Service, Sunday 1100
Youth Group (13-17 years), Sunday 1500-1700
Protestant Women of the Chapel: Wednesday 1800-2000 (August-May)
Protestant Men of the Chapel: Event times and places vary, call the chapel for more information.
Spanish Speaking Protestant Worship Service, Sunday 1300

Southern Lights Chapel

Southern Lights Chapel

4107 8th Street, (907) 361-4261

From the FWA Main Gate (Gaffney Road), turn right on either 600th Street or 601st Street. Take the third left on to Neely Road. Then turn right on 8th Street. The Southern Lights Chapel is at the intersection of Neely Road and 8th Street.

Anglican Holy Communion, Sunday 1100-1200
Catholic Sunday Mass, Sunday 0900
Catholic Children’s Religious Education, Sunday 1015-1130
Catholic RCIA, Sunday, 1015-1130
Catholic Women of the Chapel: Wednesday 0930-1130 (September-May)
Catholic Adoration: Thursday 1800
Cornerstone Kids, Sunday during worship service

For more information on Protestant Spanish Speaking service and events, call 353-2514
For more information on Catholic services and events, call 361-6106.
For more information on Anglican services and events, call 361-5002.

Bassett Army Community Hospital

Bassett Army Community Hospital

4706 Neely Road, Fort Wainwright, AK 99703. (907) 361-5002

From the FWA Main Gate (Gaffney Road), turn right on 9th Avenue. Take the first left into the hospital parking lot.

The chapel is located on the second floor. From the main entrance look to your left and find the stairway. At the top turn left and follow the hallway to the end. An elevator is behind the shoppette, if needed.

The hospital chaplain’s office is located on the second floor before you get to the chapel.

Anglican Holy Communion, Wednesdays & Holy Days 1200-1230
For more information, call 361-5002.