A USARTRAK Recreation Access Permit (RAP), and a Firewood Cutting Permit, are required for all wood cutting activities on Fort Wainwright lands.

Both permits must be carried with you when you are in the field.

The USARTRAK Recreation Access Permit is free.

Firewood Cutting Permit:

  • $30.00 ($10.00 per cord, 3 cord minimum purchase)
  • All Firewood Cutting Permits can be purchased online via the USARTRAK website.
  • **Do not cut standing trees within 100 feet of any power line.**

For information about Wood Cutting please visit the USARTRAK website or call the Fort Wainwright Natural Resources Office at (907) 361-9686.

Firewood Cutting
You can obtain a Wood Cutting Permit online through the USARTRAK website, or at any of the 3 kiosks located inside the Fort Wainwright Natural Resource Office at Building 3023, or the Fort Wainwright and Fort Greely Main Gate Visitor Centers (Greely is closed on weekends).

You must first have a Recreation Access Permit (RAP) prior to purchasing a Wood Cutting Permit. Instructions for obtaining a RAP, and a Wood Cutting Permit, can be found here.

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For more information on Firewood Cutting, please contact the Fort Wainwright Natural Resource office at (907) 361-9683.