Environmental Officer Training

Army Regulation 200-1 defines an Environmental Officer (EO) as an individual assigned to an organization or unit to accomplish environmental compliance requirements on behalf of the commander, director, or supervisor. The designated person also coordinates with supporting installation environmental staff for requirements clarification and assistance. The commander determines organizational levels and the required grade suitable for environmental officers.

The Environmental Officer Training Modules provide assigned individuals with information pertaining to environmental compliance requirements for the installation and specific responsibilities that may be acquired with the assignment.

EO Training Modules

  1. EO Course Intro
  2. Env Law Overview
  3. Air Quality
  4. Solid Waste
  5. Water Quality
  6. Hazardous Material
  7. MSDS
  8. Hazardous Waste Definitions
  9. Hazardous Waste Storage
  10. Universal Waste
  11. Hazardous Material Management Program
  12. Green Procurement
  13. Toxic Substances
  14. Spill Prevention and Response
  15. Cultural Resource
  16. Nesting Bird Management
  17. Field Training
  18. Environmental Management System
  19. Environmental Officer Responsibility Summary