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  • October is Energy Action Month

    October is Energy Action Month

Garrison Announcements

Date Added Title Announcement Body
5/13/21, 9:19 AM Upcoming Road Closure: E3B training support In support of Expert Infantry Badge, Expert Field Medic Badge and Expert Soldier Badge (E3B) training, portions of Montgomery, Ketchum and Luzon Road will be closed on Saturday, May 22, 2021, from 0400-1200. There will be traffic control points at all intersections and access to the golf course will remain open for business.
5/13/21, 12:02 PM Is it way too hot in your workspace or facility? If you're experiencing excessive heating call in a Service Order to (907) 361-7069. The Directorate of Public Works will send a Quality Assurance person to check on the problem and try to determine the cause. If possible, they will make a repair on the spot, or if a larger issue, will write a demand maintenance order to the Base Ops Contractor for the fix. Call (907) 361-7069.
5/13/21, 12:40 PM Fort Wainwright Safety and Education Fair Upcoming event: Fort Wainwright Safety and Education Fair, May 20th from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Come out to the Exchange parking lot and learn more about educational opportunities, as well as safety activities and awareness booths.
5/27/21, 12:29 PM Traffic light adjustment for summer construction season The traffic light pattern at the intersection of River Road and Trainer Gate Road will change soon to flashing red lights for all directions, i.e., an all-way stop. Motorists must make a complete stop and proceed in the sequence of arrival when the intersection is clear. The change is being made in advance of the opening of Lazelle Gate and the June 2nd closure of the Main Gate for repair.
6/2/21, 9:10 AM Badger Gate expected delays Drivers entering or exiting Badger Gate should use caution, watch for directions from flaggers, and anticipate slight delays between 9:30-11:30 a.m., June 9-10. The gate will remain open while asphalt repairs are made to shoulders and traffic lanes.