U.S. Army Alaska
| 1-25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team

Welcome to the Army's best Stryker Brigade combat team (SBCT).

1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division and Fort Wainwright, Alaska. We are truly looking forward to your arrival and becoming a member of one of the Army's most up-to-date and elite fighting forces.

An SBCT is an infantry centric organization, whcih provides the army with a lethal, deployable, survivable, and mobile option formed around the ten variants of our trademark Stryker vehicle. The Stryker Brigade fills the operational gaps between the Army's light forces and the heavy forces still fielded with Abrams tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and is a key component of Army transformation.

We are positive that you will find Fort Wainwright, located in beautiful Fairbanks, Alaska, both a terrific place to live and serve. Fairbanks is the gateway to your true Alaskan adventure.

Your assignment to the Army's farthest North and only Arctic Stryker Brigade Combat Team provides an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of Army operations, grow in your profession, and to enjoy all the great things that the Brigade and Fort Wainwright have to offer to today's Soldiers and their families.

Arctic Wolves!


1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division

1st SBCT

Arctic Wolves


1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment

1-5 IN



1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment

1-24 IN



2nd Battalion, 8th Field Artillery Regiment

2-8 FA




28th Military Police Detachment

28th MP

Arctic Guardians


3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment

3-21 IN



5th Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment

5-1 Cav.

Black Hawks


25th Brigade Support Battalion

25th BSB




65th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company

65th EOD



70th Brigade Engineer Battalion

70th BEB

Grey Wolves