Mission Statement: The PAIO is the Garrison Commander's advisor and focal point for strategy execution,situational awareness and operational and management performance for the installation. The office plays an important role on mission, mission focus, continuous process improvement, and ensuring the Garrison associates every task and function to a purpose related to mission accomplishment. The PAIO oversees and integrates action plans across the garrison enterprise into one dynamic, robust strategic action plan while integrating sustainability throughout the installation. PAIOs provide oversight in areas such as the Installation Planning Board, the Strategic Management System, Installation Status Report, Customer Management Services, Army Communities of Excellence and Army Stationing. These programs promote strategic execution, operational awareness and continuous process improvement to ensure the services.
Vision: A team of flexible and responsible professionals, dedicated to providing the best possible service to units and individuals serving our Nation.

The PAIO team of Management and Program Analysts are responsible for conducting installation strategic planning, providing information management support, and performance evaluation of base operations, essential services, and programs in support of Fort Greely Soldiers, Families, Civilians, and Retirees.

The PAIO is the Garrison Commander's staff element for strategic and management planning for the installation. PAIO provides oversight of assigned programs; conducts analytical reviews; monitors Army baseline standards; captures and enables implementation of best business practices; and identifies, tracks, and orchestrates reporting of performance measures.