Mission Statement: Protect Resources. Support Good Order and Discipline.
Vision: To be recognized as the ‘BENCHMARK’ Emergency Services model organization within IMCOM for small installations.
Methodology: Employ a systematic integration of Fire Protection & Prevention and Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement and Physical Security, and Emergency Response planning, to create a comprehensive Emergency Services and Installation Security program. 
Operational Beliefs: The Directorate of Emergency Services has adopted the following operational beliefs, which further define our organization culture. 

  • Err to the Side of Security and Safety. We are the eyes and ears of the installation: the installation’s first response force. The leadership and employees of Fort Greely have an expectation that we will do everything within our ability to provide for their personal well-being, safety and security, as well as the protection of the equipment and resources that Fort Greely uses to support the war fighter. 
  • Strive for Continuous Improvement.We will aggressively use the Baldridge Criteria to continuously improve our operating processes, with a view toward providing more-responsive and cost-efficient support to our customers and stakeholders. 
  • Focus on Results and Adding Value.Our collective focus as an organization will be on readiness enhancement and the wise use of assigned or allocated resources. We will identify our customers and their service requirements, document what we do, and analyze our resulting statistics. As a result of that analysis, we will implement the operational changes that we deemed appropriate to maintain a viable, effective security and first responder program.
Visitors, contractors and vendors 16 years and older, entering Fort Greely, who do not have a DoD identification card, will be subject to a background check before being allowed entry to the installation. Those who present a common access card (CAC card), Military ID, Military Dependent ID, Gold Star ID, or other valid DoD credential won’t be affected.
All personnel (including but not limited to active duty, retired, National Guard, and reserve military and their family members; Department of Defense employees and their family members; and civilians who are not affiliated with Fort Greely) who desire to maintain, frequently use, or transport a privately owned weapon on this installation will register the weapon(s) with the Fort Greely Visitor's Center (within five (5) duty days if the weapon is to be stored on post or if the owner intends to use the MWR Skeet Range).